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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What is Stopping You? Umm… Me?

How many days have you woken up and decided today is going to be a better day? Not because you have this hinge that something will be different about it, but because you think you will be able to do things differently.

Personally, I get so many of these days. I wake up with a big smile, super positive… and in that spirit I put my make up on and make sure my hair all puffed up and nice… I dress up, get into my car, stop for my favorite coffee, play my favorite music and starting singing! I’m cheerful!

But then after the second song, pretty much... the old, grumpy, indifferent me comes back. All the negative or pointless thoughts start hitting me, one after the other... "it's been ages since I've been to the gym," about work, my personal life, my family, friends, my social life, the need to go to church more often, my diet, my spirituality, my big dreams around my career, love,‘oh Lord, I’m turning 30 where did my life go?!” And before I know it, my positive outlook to life and my desire to do things differently is gone! Surprisingly most times, nothing has happened to trigger this negativity. 

So I’m really wondering what stops us from keeping the smile, thinking positively, singing in our cars, packing our bags and going on an adventurous trip, working out daily, being really open to expressing what is exactly on your mind, and courageous enough to meet new people? I wish I knew… Sometimes I think it is out of habit that we are inclined to being negative, other times I think it is routine, culture, pressure to do things in certain way, worrying about work, or how people feel, satisfying others… I’m not sure!

But I guess acknowledging that you need that change… is still somehow a good start! 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

How to lose a loyal customer? Ask #mobinil...

I never thought I'd write a negative post about a brand, I always thought for this to happen, one must be really pissed off... Truth is, I am!

How hard is it to get a data line activated? Well let me tell you... it's been a week and #mobinil hasn't figured it out yet!

Last Sunday, exactly a week ago, I bought a data line for my iPad from the City Stars branch... the lady told me it takes 24 hours to get activated, so I waited.

Monday... it didn't work... so I tell myself, give them another day, it's not the end of the world. However on Tuesday it still doesn't work. So I give them a call on their hotline. We go through the entire process of "How to Setup a 3G Connection 101" and we fail. We reset the connection. We go into APN setting and write "mobinilweb" (which by the way... your customer services guys need to come to an agreement on whether it's mobinilweb or Mobinilweb because every time I call I get different instructions). Anyways, when the guy (or girl... I lost track from the endless number of poor reps I've spoken to over the last week) fails to help me, he tells me someone from the "specialized team" will call you in 24 hours.

The next day (Wednesday), they call me when I'm at work and naturally I miss the call because I'm in a meeting, so I call them back... Another rep answers me and tell me: "it says on the system that your problem has been solved." So I let him know that it is not. We go through another bunch of trials to make sure the line I have isn't working (I insert the sim to my phone and it still doesn't work) and that the iPad is working fine (I insert the line I had in my phone into my iPad it works fine) - a process that takes a good hour at least because he had to call me back a few times after restarting my phone. When we finally agree on the conclusion that they are the ones with the problem he tells me, "there must be something wrong with the sim card, please go to the closest branch and have it replaced."

So, Thursday after work I go to the branch in Abbas El Akkad, Nasr City (God forbid any of you have to go through this experience) and I'm surprisingly cheerful because I feel my problem is almost solved. I'm quiet nice to the rep there and he replaces my sim card... and guess what it still doesn't work. I even tell them I'm willing to pay for another package because believe it OR not, they weren't sure my package was activated and the system was down at that time (a serious joke) and I even offer to buy a real "nano sim" instead of the one they break - and they said that would be EGP 30 and I said fine... but he decided it won't be necessary.

So when all fails, he calls another guy (one with a serious attitude problem) and in a matter of seconds my mood shifts from pleasant to irritated. He finally says that we did our part and there is nothing more we can do, we'll post a complaint and someone will call you. I get annoyed I tell him this would be the third complaint I file... So he starts shouting and accuses me of shouting. So I do get fed up... I ask him and the original rep if there is any need for me here or if I can go... and he says "etkeli 3ala allah!" - offensive!

I go home and call customer services because I'm not too confident that he actually raised a complaint... he has and I tell the rep on the phone that I'm really frustrated (with my problem and the rude rep) and need a solution asap as I need to be connected for work... he promises that someone will call me in 24 hours (AGAIN) and apologizes for the bad experience I have had.

On Friday.... after my 24 hours were up and no one has called... I decide to use another channel to voice my complaint... I use Twitter @mobinil and I write:
@Mobinil customer services are trained to make u #regret the day u chose to join their network. #serious #fail

Me and this guy get into a discussion and he tries to help... bottom line conclusion... you guessed it... they raised a complaint and need another 24 hours to figure it out.

On Saturday, and after my 24 hours are up AGAIN and no one has called for the second day in a row... I'm not bothered to call because I'm hopeless... but I decide to publicize their failure to meet customer needs, and I post this on twitter again:
Another 24 hours without hearing from @Mobinil. They r experts on losing a once loyal customer. #fail

I receive this response, I honestly thought it was hilarious....
@MadOnnaMekhaiL we resend the complaint to the concerned department and they will contact u ASAP ^HO

So I send my honest response:
@Mobinil #Whatever. Even if u do... doesn't change the fact that u r the #worst customer services i ever came across.

Today is Sunday and of course it is too early for them to call... And I figured I cannot waste an hour daily, for a week to figure out a simple issue... But I decided to make time to write this because at least I can tell them that they are truly unprofessional in terms of technicality and attitude. Let alone, I've been carrying my un-functional iPad around for a week IN CASE they call! I've just really had with #Mobinil! 

So, today after work I'll visit the branch again but this time to close this line! Because this shouldn't be rocket science.

#Mobinil managed to piss off and lose a once loyal customer. We're a family of five we have always been #mobinil customers since our move back to Egypt in 2001 and despite the glitches along the way I would have still chosen it as my network... Today, not anymore!

Not only have I never complained about a brand publicly but I haven't used this blog in months... So you must really imagine how frustrated I should be! Thanks #mobinil for making your customer's life harder... These are my 30 minutes of my day that I don't regret wasting on you!

And again I say it... even if you solve my problem now, doesn't change the fact that you failed to me help me on every level!