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Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Country Person in Me...

A lot of people call me picky... and I think I am. I've come in terms with it. But recently I did realize that I'm very hard to please. I came to Dubai and I wasn't exactly impressed by the country. And lately I've been to NY, and I wasn't impressed either... When people hear that some get annoyed, they think I'm being too snobby... other are sarcastic... and some people even get defensive (don't ask about that)!

So I gave it some thought and I realized I'm not a city person... really! Cities are nice to go to for a few hours, spend a night... go crazy every once in a while.. but to live in these BIG ass, huge, fancy cities isn't something I aspire too... Tall buildings (no matter how glamorous) don't impress me. On the contrary... they stress me out... City lights and billboards hurt my eyes. Traffic... well that brings the worst out of me!

I live in Cairo (originally)... and that is one hell of a city! You've got the buildings, the traffic, the huge population, the pollution, the honking, the beeping, the sellers, the beggars, the lights, the tunnels, the bridges... it's the true definition of a busy city. And I love it.. because it's my hometown... but if I'm going on a holiday... Nopes, I don't want to be in another stressful location. I want a nicer, calmer place to be in. So ya NY was fun for a few days but I don't have the urge to go back there again... that's not what I consider a holiday. I take holiday to relax... not ones that send me back home more stressful.

It's cool to claim that I'm a city girl, the big star, the hot shot! But I'm not. If I ever have to leave Egypt I'd want to move some place quieter... greener... houses not apartments... ride a bike... walk a dog, have a decent walk... enjoy my backyard... park in my own garage...  Some place where I'm surrounded by nature, trees, flowers and a lake... Some place where i can relax after work... generally have a peaceful life!

So ya... it makes me sound boring... but I am a country side person! I can always go to the city... Enjoy it for a night, a weekend... but my day to day life... I'd want to be in a place that helps me think... helps me recharge... free my mind... enjoy beauty and value SILENCE.

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